What’s Hot and What’s Not? [September 2016]

by Dane Cobain at September 28, 2016

September 2016 has turned out to be another memorable month, mainly due to the strange weather. As well as gifting us the hottest September day since 1911, it also subjected us to freak thunderstorms and flash flooding, making Marlow feel more like the Mojave Desert.

But we’re not here to talk about the weather; instead, it’s that magical time of the month when we take a look at the stories that have got us talking, from the Emmys to the iPhone 7 and the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

So read on for our picks of this month – and be sure to drop us a tweet if you think we missed something!


What's Hot & What's Not


Hot Awards Ceremonies: 

September was a busy month for major awards ceremonies. Christmas came early for the music press, as Skepta put grime on the map by beating David Bowie to win the Mercury Prize. Game of Thrones set records at the Emmys and social networking sites are screeching with gossip as the awards season rolls around again.


iPhone 7:

This one has the studio divided, but we had to make the call between hot or not because ‘tepid’ isn’t an option. Either way, there’s no way we could write a September article without talking about Apple’s annual event to announce new products. They’ve has faced some criticism for removing the headphone socket from their new iPhone, and the launch was marred with reports of iOS 10 updates causing existing phones to ‘brick’ and require a full factory reset. We’ll probably still be buying the new model, though…


Hot Chevy and IBM: 

Chevrolet has partnered with IBM’s Watson to develop a new “global positivity system” which taps into participants’ social networking profiles to evaluate how positive they are. The application also identifies a user’s least positive and most positive posts, and provides a detailed social personality summary. Take the test here and let us know how you get on!


Galaxy Note 7: 

It looks like Samsung was in a hurry to release their new Galaxy Note 7 device ahead of the new iPhone. The smartphone manufacturer, which now has a larger market share than Apple in some regions, was forced to issue a market recall after a spate of fires caused by the devices’ batteries overheating. The recall is expected to cost the company $1 billion.




TechCrunch Disrupt:

TechCrunch, one of the web’s largest portals for social networking and technology news, hosted its annual Disrupt event in San Francisco at the start of the month. The event, which includes hackathons, showcases, speakers and a start-up alley, welcomed some of the most celebrated thought-leaders in the world, from Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce) and Tim Armstrong (CEO of AOL) to venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill and the (slightly more relevant) reality TV series Silicon Valley.


iPhone 7


Over to you:

What got you talking this September? Do you agree with our picks for what’s hot and what’s not? Let us know what you think with a tweet!