Time Flies: Catching up with Annalize and Becky

by Becky Townsend at May 20, 2016

You know how they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’?

Well, Annalize and I realised an incredible eight months have passed since we moved from Wales to join fst. So a few of the guys thought it would be really useful to give other new grads an insight into how it feels to head straight from university into a professional studio.


Charlotte Hazelwood – Account Manager:

What were your expectations of agency life?

B: We started at fst in September, almost immediately after graduating, so it was a bit crazy. I never stopped to think about what was going to happen when we arrived, but what I didn’t expect is how people have your back. I was told creatives are always battling it out for work – even within the same agency – but there is a definite sense of community here that I love.

A: University gives a lot of stereotypes about agencies. We had it drummed into us to aim for the large London agencies because it’s where you’ll have a shot at the big clients, but we’ve found that isn’t the case. Joining fst has actually put us at a huge advantage – we’re involved in projects from start to finish, producing creative for huge names. This would take us a lot longer to achieve elsewhere.


Lucy Shaw – Senior Account Manager: 

What university skills are you using in real life?

B: I studied advertising design, which apart from teaching me the basics of how to structure campaigns and use software, taught me to be confident. I would regularly have to pitch ideas, show work to clients and fellow students. It taught me, no matter what you’re doing, you need to give it your all.

A: I started using Adobe Creative Suite at university, but never relied on it too heavily. It was used to support creative thinking or convey ‘the big idea’. Now it’s essential. I’m using those skills and improving them constantly, so it feels like second nature – standing me in good stead for future projects.


Super Mark – Chief Ethos Officer:

What was your favourite thing about the fst Christmas party?

B: The team travelled on to Lanzarote and met up in a little beach bar. We spent the first day drinking and playing around, which was great. I think that really drove home how fortunate I am to have this job out of university. Plus we got to ride camels while severely hung-over.

A: I’d heard of places throwing extravagant Christmas parties, but nothing on that scale! It was a brilliant experience, and I can’t wait for the next one.


Alex Cleveland – Content Director:

Is it more satisfying to create well-received university work or paid work that a client likes?

B: There’s lot more freedom in university to create interesting campaigns. We always found if we could justify what we’d done to lecturers or clients, we could get away with quite a lot. But it is incredibly satisfying to create work for a client and see it in use, even if it’s something small like a poster. It’s very cool to know that you created something someone liked enough to use and is willing to pay for it.

A: University work gives you creative freedom, but I think it’s more rewarding to produce work that is well received by a client. After all, that’s the purpose of learning those skills. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to produce work for so many big clients, as I know that isn’t always the case for many graduates just stepping into the industry.


If, like Becky and Annalize, you’re an exceptional graduate with big ideas, looking to start your career in an agency where time flies, take a look at our latest vacancies.